3rd Bundesliga Handball Preview: HC Oppenweiler vs HSG Konstanz

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3rd Handball Bundesliga League

The biggest challenge for the handball players of the HC Oppenweiler / Backnang is tomorrow 01 December 2018, when they meet at 20:00 local time in the Oppenweiler community hall the championship candidate number one in the 3rd Bundesliga men handball league leader and ten times in succession victorious HSG Konstanz. Will the HC Oppenweiler / Backnang succeed in completing the lasts impressive series? It certainly will not be an easy task. But it is also certain that the Murrtaler will leave no stone unturned.

For weeks the HCOB handball players regularly scored more than 30 goals each match. That shows good offensive power. Whether skipping this mark against the front-runner succeed? Coach Matthias Heineke said: “If we manage to score more than 30 goals then that would definitely close to an important step in winning the game.” And he thinks it possible, “if we continue in the attack play fast and variable, as in the past weeks”. Whether it actually enough to win is another question. In the games against the TuS 04 Dansenberg and the Rhein-Neckar Löwen II jumped in spite of good yield in attack no points out and the coach knows, “that, of course, the HSG Konstanz has the quality for 30 and more goals”. So the key to winning the match is quite inevitably in the defense, and here’s the question: how does the HCOB get its defenses under control? After received this season twice 36 goals, an improvement in defense must be implemented. Coach Matthias Heineke has worked up the deficits. “In the game against Dansenberg, the 6-0 defense was weak, because our goalkeeper had little chance to excel. In the Rhein-Neckar Löwen II, the defense was not as bad as the number of goals scored, in the match with the goalkeeper an important element did not work well. “Against the HSG Konstanz, will needs better cooperation of defending field players and goalkeepers. Unfavorable is that Thomas Fink has injured. He has a torn muscle and can, if things go badly, not play again until the new year. That’s why Stefan Koppmeier, the entrance from TV Großwallstadt, will be all the more demanded. A performance of him as a few weeks ago in the home game against Willstätt now against Konstanz – that’s it.

The handball players from visitor team HSG Konstanz were given the favorites position before the start of the season and there is no secret of the fact that they want to leave the third league in a shorter time in the direction of the 2nd handball Bundesliga, where they played from 2016 to 2018. “They are 100 percent right first,” says HCOB coach Matthias Heineke, who can well imagine, “that they will also stand until the end of the season. They are in a very good position compared with others. This is the logical consequence of the individual quality combined with a much higher training scope. “The HSG handball players have excellent conditions on HSG Konstanz, enjoy widespread support from the City of Konstanz and have great continuity in many club functions. The best example is that Daniel Eblen has been working as a trainer since 2004. In this round, he had to annoy only at the beginning of two defeats (in Fürstenfeldbruck and against Pfullingen), since his team wins continuously, most recently last Saturday at TSV Neuhausen / Filder.

From the HC Oppenweiler / Backnang backcourt Ruben Sigle promises full engagement: “We have to play at our limit. We will hardly allow ourselves technical mistakes, so we need full concentration. It is also clear that we have to go in the defense of a shovel. But we play at home and our support fans cheer us on. Fans from Konstanz will also be there, which gives them an exciting atmosphere. I believe that it can inspire us – and then let’s see what’s possible. “HCOB coach Matthias Heineke predicts” a game with many good attacking actions because we meet an opponent with a high level of gaming culture.

Prediction: any offer for Under 60 goals scored in the match with at least 1.80 odds will be a good value bet ticket, assuming that home team will not play as efficient as they play in the past with lower ranking teams. Ranking #1 for visitors who aim to go for 2nd Bundesliga handball league is a too big challenge for the HCOB. Another value bet could be a bet ticket backing on the visitor team covering the Asian handicap -4.5 with odd at least 1.90.

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