How to

If you register an account to Pinnacle sportsbook through this link and if you fund your account with at least 10 €/$ or equivalent, we’ll send you 10 €/$ via Skrill or Neteller.

Once you create your new Pinnacle account and fund it, just send us an email with the subject: “Pinnacle new account”. The message should contain be the first two digits and the last 3 digits from your Pinnacle username, the date when you’re funding your account and the desire transfer method of free cash bonus (Skrill or Neteller).

For example:
– if your Pinnacle username is AB1234567
– if you fund your Pinnacle new account in 25 September 2018
– if you would like to receive the free cash bonus through Skrill,
you should write in the message body:
– AB…567
– 25 September 2018
– Skrill

Once we check it, we’ll allocate the 10 €/$ free bonus in your Skrill or Neteller email account. The checking period time should not take more than 24 hours after we’ll receive your email.

Please be advised to contact us using the same email which correspond with your Skrill or Neteller account.